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The Cottages at Cedar Run are the newest chapter in a rich history of innovative care for those with memory challenges. It was Cedar Community who created the nation's very first, dedicated long-term care facility for those with Alzheimer's disease and related dementia when they opened their Friendship House facility, back in 1976. Inspired by a tradition of innovation and leadership, The Cottages reflect unique design features developed first and foremost to focus on resident-directed care with an emphasis on nurturing residents' dignity and personal choice.

Ethel's Story


More than 1100 residents; hundreds more families served via our home-based services. Each has a story. We are honored to be a part of Ethel's story. Hers started on a farm, took her through the happiest of times marrying her sweetheart, and raising eight children. In 2008, however, a new antagonist was introduced: Alzheimer's disease. Ethel's Story touches on one of our areas of greatest need: Memory loss care. We are honored to be there for Ethel, her family, and so many more people facing Alzheimer's and related dementia.