Q: How is our loved one going to be assisted through the adjustment period?

A: First, we get to know the resident’s background, including psychosocial, spiritual and medical history - learning their likes and dislikes before walking through the door. Then, we tailor our approach based on each resident’s individual personality and needs. We try to connect the new resident with other residents who may have similar interests or personalities, giving them the feeling of comfort in a friend. We support the resident and family throughout the process and coach along the way.

Q: In addition to assisting with residents activities of daily living (ADL), what “nursing services” are provided in this setting?

A: There are a variety of services that can be provided in the assisted living setting by our specially-trained staff.

These include:

  • Medication administration
  • Diabetic management including checking blood sugars and administering insulin
  • Respiratory support including oxygen assistance, nebulizer administration and other forms of breathing treatments
  • Catheter and urostomy/colostomy care
  • Wound management
  • Monitoring for change in medical condition and collaborating care with your personal physician

Q: Does our loved one ever have to move?

A: Our goal is to care for our residents until the end of their life, if possible. However, there are certain circumstances where we are not able to best meet a resident’s needs. Sometimes a person’s care requirements exceed our program or licensing regulations.

Some examples include:

  • Requiring two people to assist with transfers
  • Feeding
  • Behaviors that are not redirectable and/or become a danger to self or others
  • Require skilled nursing care/24-hour supervision of a licensed nurse

Q: What is the visiting policy and can I take my loved one out?

A: Our visiting policy is open to meet the resident’s needs. Families and friends are encouraged to visit at any time. Yes, residents may go out as long as their care needs can be met while away.

Q: Can I bring my loved one’s favorite chair?

A: Yes, residents bring their own furniture to furnish their suite and are encouraged to bring any pictures,personal belongings and decorations they’d like to make it their home.

Q: How will my loved one stay active within the facility and out in the community?

A: We provide a wide variety of social, spiritual and recreational opportunities within the building and outside in the community. Outings are planned regularly, including lunch outings, trips to the zoo and fair, scenic drives, pontoon boat rides, art museum and much more! Vibrant activities are provided daily including exercise, memory-enhancing programs, art and music therapy, socials/entertainment and more. Activities are also offered during the evening and on weekends. Spiritual services are held onsite weekly. Many residents still enjoy going out with family or visits from their own church or groups. We are always willing to help a resident host their group at the Cottages at Cedar Run.

Q: How can this environment enhance my loved one’s life?

A: Individuals with memory loss often feel isolated, sense a loss of self and purpose in life, and may even have episodes of anxiety. The Cottages at Cedar Run environment and programming have been specially designed to encourage physical activity, socialization and feelings of wellbeing. From special lighting to intimate dens and dining rooms, the environment can assist in comforting residents and promoting relaxation. The programming is designed to focus on resident’s strengths so each has asense of purpose and daily accomplishment. In addition, our specially trained nursing staff oversees the resident’s medications, nutrition and manages health conditions to ensure optimum wellbeing is achieved. In return, we often see residents’ health and mood improve from their previous setting asthey live a more active, vibrant life.